Touch Rugby (タッチラグビー Japan?)Edit

Touch Rugby (or Touch for short) is an international, non-contact sport for men and women, children and adults, alike. There is a professional level Japanese team, but amature Touch Rugby teams are grass roots and can be found all over Japan.

Where can I play?Edit

The following is a list of cities and towns where JETs play Touch placed.

If your home town is not listed, please edit this section and add it to the list!

If your home town shows up as a red link, then the article does not yet exist. To create it, type the town name in the box and click "Create article".

Can I Make My Own Team?Edit

Yes! Touch Rugby teams are being started all the time, and if you have any orgazational skills and initiative then you can too! For now, email Greg at and I will put you in contact with someone with personal experience!

External linksEdit

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