Tono (遠野市 Tōno-shi?) is a small city located in Iwate Prefecture with a population of about 30,000 people. Add more geographical information here - describe where this town lies in relation to other big places. More general background information here.


Getting inEdit

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By trainEdit

Tono is located along the JR Kamaishi Line. Connection by Bullet Train can be made at Shinhanamaki Station.

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JET placementsEdit

There are currently no JETs placed in Tono. The nearest JET placements are in Hanamaki to the west and Kamaishi to the east.

Incoming/Outgoing JETsEdit

See above.

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Department storesEdit

Topia. This is not much of a department store, but it's close enough. On the ground level, you'll find a shoe store, a bakery, a fast food restaraunt (curry, ramen, fried things etc.), fresh seafood shop, a gift store, pharmacy, comic book store, and a grocery store. On the second floor there is a 100 Yen shop, recycle shop, arcade/purikura centre, cafe, optics and watches, and an elderly clothing store.

Also many old people checking out the 60 inch plasma tv.

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Home & Garden storesEdit

There are two large Home & Garden centres in Tono.

  • Homac on the "bypass" located beside the supermarket, Aqute.
  • Komeri on the "bypass" near the Geo video rental store.
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Book shopsEdit

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Fast foodEdit

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Japanese foodEdit

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Foreign foodEdit

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Post officesEdit

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Medical facilitiesEdit

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Hair dressersEdit

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Sports facilitiesEdit

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Travel agentsEdit

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