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The Takeshi looks... activity is a sentence writing exercise for the review of the verbs of perception "looks" and "doesn't look". It is aimed at Junior High 2nd grade classes. By turning the exercise into a competitive team activity, it makes a seemingly boring grammar point quite fun.

Materials requiredEdit


  • Give one worksheet to each student and arrange students into groups of 4-5 (lunch groups are ideal).
  • Explain the procedure with the JTE.
  • Each group must look at the pictures together and create a sentence describing the picture using "looks" or "doesn't look" and an adjective (e.g. "Takeshi looks happy.") Once the group has come up with a sentence, one person from the group must come to the front of the class, check their sentence with the ALT or JTE and return to their group. All members of the group must write the sentence down before continuing to the next picture.
  • This repeats until each group has finished all 8 sentences. The fastest group wins!



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