Located in the Hida region of northern Gifu Prefecture, Takayama (高山市 Takayama-shi?) is a city of about 100,000 people. Although most of the population is concentrated near the center of the region designated as Takayama, the city stretches over an area of more than 2000 km². By land area, Takayama is the largest municipality in Japan. Most of the area designated as Takayama-shi is mountainous, hilly, and/or forested, and thus sparsely populated.


Getting inEdit

To/from the airportEdit

The closest airport to Takayama is Toyama Airport. Parking is free at Toyama airport, but transportation by bus requires changing in Okuhida. The closest major airport is Chubu Centrair in Nagoya. From Takayama, take the Hida Wideview express train to Nagoya Station, and transfer to the airport line there. 

By trainEdit

Takayama has a JR train station near the center of the city, running four tracks. The JR Hida line runs from Nagoya to Takayama. Limited express trains to Nagoya run about once every hour. Local service into southern Gifu moves slower, but also runs about once an hour.

By busEdit

Takayama also has bus service to Nagoya, as well as to Shinjuku in Tokyo, to Kyoto and Osaka, and to Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture. Nine buses run between Takayama and Nagoya each day. Bus service to/from Tokyo includes six buses in the summer, and four buses the rest of the year. Four buses run daily on the Matsumoto line, and Kyoto/Osaka has two buses each day.

By carEdit

Takayama lies along Japan's Highway 41, which runs from Nagoya in the south to Toyama in the north. It is also accessible via the national expressway highway system. The Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway, which connects the Meishin Expressway in the south, and the Hokuriku Expressway in the north, passes within 15 kilometers of central Takayama, and the Chubu Jukan, connects it to downtown.

Getting aroundEdit


JET placementsEdit

Junior High ALT Positions 

There are four junior high positions in central Takayama:

  • Matsukura JHS (and Shingu ES)
  • Higashiyama JHS (and Higashi ES & Iwataki ES)
  • Hie JHS (and Sanno ES)
  • Nakayama JHS (and Kita ES)

The other seven positions are in communities from 10 to 60 minutes from central Takayama, all of which were once indipendent municipalities, but which merged with Takayama in 2004. 

  • Kiyomi JHS (and Kiyomi ES, Minami ES, & Nishi ES)
  • Shokawa JHS (and Shokawa ES)
  • Kokufu JHS (and Kokufu ES & Mieda ES)
  • Asahi JHS (and Asahi ES & Enako ES)
  • Nyukawa JHS (and Nyukawa ES & Hanasato ES)
  • Miya JHS & Kuguno JHS (and Miya ES & Kuguno ES) (The only position with 2 JHS)
  • Hokuryo JHS (and Tochio ES)

Senior High ALT Positions 

  • Hida HS


Junior High School Positions open for the 2013 JET intakeEdit

  • Hokuryo JHS
  • Asahi JHS

Foreign communityEdit


Places to visitEdit


Takayama is most famous for its spring and autumn festivals. The Takayama festivals are among the biggest in Japan, ranking just below Kyoto's Gion-matsuri in terms of popularity and attendance. Other festivals are held throughout the year, including a handheld fireworks festival in the summer.


Favorites Among the ALTsEdit

  • Center4Hamburger, 2nd home to the ALT's of Takayama. Has a good selection of burgers to choose from and their cookies & cream milkshake is a must.
  • Jakson Curry, Best Japanese curry you can get in town.
  • Ichii Cafe, Another 2nd home to some of the ALT's. It's a charming cabin-like shop that sits on top Kitayama with an amazing view of Takayama city.


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