My name is Mario Anton. I was a CIR in Kunimi (Kunisaki) until last year.

Anyway, I'm writing today because my friends and I are planning a spring event on the 28th of April. The event is called "HARU UTA" (spring song). The event will be held at a mellow village of Togo in Bungotakada City. At a spot called "YOJO-YA" (The house of well- being...??). The event will consist of a live concert by Oita's finest BAOBAB(3pm-), and also a poetry reading by HIROMI( 7pm- hailing form a small island in Okinawa). The whole event will put an emphasis on recognizing the growing troubles in our environment (climate change, etc). There will be books and pamphlets available on these issues (in Japanese), and there will also be great home-made foods, sweets, good music, etc. The evening part of the event will be a "candle night". Should be a fun spot to get away and meet people. Bring out all your friends and come enjoy the "Spring Song". Call me if you don't know how to get there! Peace.

details below.

WHEN: 4/28 (SAT)

WHERE:"YOJO-YA" 9 Matsuyuki, Bungotakada City


WHAT: gathering with people, music and poetry

HOW MUCH: 3000 yen (1500yen only night)


12pm - Open

3pm - Live music by "BAOBAB"

7pm - Poetry reading by "HIROMI" CANDLE NIGHT


  • Food and Drinks
  • Sweets
  • Curry
  • Books and pamphlets about the growing environmental problems.

HOSTED BY: the "one world."crew

INQUIRY: 090.3882.5813

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