Songs for junior high school studentsEdit

Many junior high schools will have an English song of the month/week. This often involves getting videos, translating lyrics and creating worksheets for the students to hold(hide behind) and read from.

Finding songsEdit

Finding songs can sometimes be difficult, because there is a need to please the JTE and the students. Also, ALT Japanese ability can play a factor if he or she has to do the translating. This website ( can help. It has songs translated from/to many languages.

Getting videosEdit

Getting videos is a little trickier. Screen capture software works well, but you can also get youtube videos by typing "ss" in front of youtube in the title.  Videos that work best are usually fanmade versions that display the lyrics, as it can get the students looking up instead of hiding behind the sheet. Using actual music videos is risky business, because if there is something profane or inappropriate in the video that you or the JTE miss, it will be found immediately by the students. Never use anything without showing it to your JTE for approval first.

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