Setouchi city is located in southern Okayama prefecture, directly to the west of Okayama city. The city has a population of 39,377 (as of 2004). The total area is 125.51 km².
Setouchi city is constituted by Oku town, Osafune town and Ushimado town. They merged together in 2004. The JET programme places one ALT at the junior highschool in each town of Setouchi city.


The Ako line connects Oku and Osafune, with one train stop (which takes 4 minutes). Ushimado can be reached by bus from Oku.
Osafune and Oku are approximately 30 minutes by train from the capital of Okayama prefecture, Okayama city.


There is one JET programme ALT in Osafune, one in Oku and one in Ushimado. They work at the town's junior high schools.



Oku has a youmetown (Izumi) with a daiso (hundred yen shop) and stores with clocks, clothes, bedding and so on. Oku also has a Hallow's, home stores and pharmacies. Oku has all major phone brands stores, Au, Docomo and Softbank. They are within close walking distance of Oku station.
Osafune has a Marunaka supermarket, and a smaller (cheaper) supermarket called Shikishimaya. Osafune also has a home store called Tanakaya, and a bread shop. On the outskirts of Osafune, near Kagato station there is an onsen and a Great Pumpkin karaoke.
Osafune, Oku and Ushimado are all abundant in convenience stores (combini), ranging from 7-11, Lawsons, Circle K, Family Mart and Sunkus.


Setouchi city is quite rural, so there are many farms and fresh seasonal produce.
Ushimado borders a port, so it has many restaurants facing the inland sea which serve fresh foods.
Ushimado also has many small cafes along the port.


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