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So far I have done about 7 Self Introduction Lessons in a classroom setting. My first attempt was really bad. But I have improved since.


Here are the numbers:

  • 3 in Junior High (1st, 2nd and 3rd years) - about 30min plus time for questions,
  • 2 in Elementary (5th and 6th years) - about 20 min plus time for quesitons,
  • 2 in Pre-School - about 5 min.

My first attempt was to the first years at Junior High and it was really bad. There was no interaction on their side and the first half I was just drawing pictures and writing on the board. I don't think they understood most of it. The second half improved when I put on my slide show (just a pdf).

After this first attempt I ditched the idea of drawing on the blackboard and just kept it all in the presentation (well almost all). Other things that I did to improve:

  • wait until I had finished my presentation before handing out the wikipedia:realia. This meant there were less disctracted people in the class (they could listen to me instead of being absorbed by the props).
  • Ask more questions:
    • What country is this?
    • What flag is this?
    • What animal is this? What is it doing?
  • Talk less about history

My best props were:

  • Foreign Money
  • My wallet, passport and driver's licence
  • Native animal book

Pre-School (Hoikuen)Edit

This was really short - just showing pictures really and saying keywords. I could still ask questions to the olders kids (4 and 5 years). It was like reading a story book to them.

Lessons Learnt and AdviceEdit

  • The kids were really eager to answer questions in my self introduction lessons - it was fun.
  • The more pictures I could talk about the better.

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