Seiyo CityEdit

Located in the south western part of Ehime, Seiyo City (西予市 Seiyo-shi?) extends from the coast through to the mountains. The city was formed in 2004 after the amalgamation of five towns - Akehama, Mikame, Uwa, Nomura and Shirokawa.

General FactsEdit

Population 45,000

Local products mikan (mandarin oranges), rice, chestnuts, grapes, beef and dairy products

Elevation from 0 - 1400metres above sea level

Places of InterestEdit

The Museum of Ehime History and Culture is located in Uwa. English headsets can be hired for free!

Kaimei Gakkou in Uwa is an old school that has been preserved as a museum.

Kanonsui in Uwa is famous for its fresh water and somen nagashi. A beautiful spot located on the outskirts, it is often packed with tourists during the summer.

Meiseki-ji is the 43rd temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

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