Sarufutsu is a small village located in Soya-gun with a population of about 2500 people. It is just south of Wakkanai City, and is the northern most village in Japan. It is most known for its Scallop Fishing and Dairy Farming.


Train - N/A - Closed down many years ago. The station is now used as a museum, cafe, and hub for the bus station.

Bus - Several buses per day, mostly lining up with the start and end of the school/work day.

Car - Car is a necessity for living and getting around the area.


One ALT position - 5 Elementary schools and 1 Junior High.

Foreign Community - Many Chinese workers have settled to work the scallop fishing industry.


The Michi no Eki has a hotel and a new bath house, and a rather interesting black-lit tunnel depicting various farming scenes etc.



A-coop Grocer


Cafe (Only open weekends)


Hotate (Scallops) are well known from Sarufutsu, Hotate Ramen is something to try.


The Sports Center is a good place to get active on a weekly basis.

The Ski Hill is open in the winter. It is very small.

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