This page serious did not exist. Someone please update it. Sapporo is the capital city of the Hokkaido Prefecture with a population of about XXXXXX people. Add more geographical information here - describe where this town lies in relation to other big places. More general background information here.


Getting in and then getting around. For example, train, bus, car, airport.


talk about jet placements, comings and goings, foreign community.


places to visit? - the good and the bad. Festivals that should not be missed?


food and vitals? where? book shops and the like?


What culinary delights does this area have to offer? How wide a selection of restaurants are there? Is the town known for any food in particular?


In this section write about any other services. Maybe banks, post offices, medical, libraries, hair dresser, sports, travel agencies. Maybe places you found helpful like English schools


This page is current as of XXX. Please updated and date this section as the Wiki is updated.

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