You need a re-entry permit (Sainyukoku kyoda) if you are going to go overseas. They come in single re-entry and multiple re-entry permit, (¥3,000 and ¥6,000 respectively) It is a good idea to have a multiple re-entry permit up your sleeve in case you need to go home on an emergency. At least one immigration office should be in each prefecture.[1]

Nagasaki PrefectureEdit

Obtaining your re-entry permit can be really simple provided you time it right. The trickiest part is getting to the Immigration Office during a weekday. If you can do that, it takes only a few minutes to process.

Where You Need to Go Edit

Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau, Nagasaki Branch Office or Tsushima Branch Office

Nagasaki City Immigration Office
Nagasaki Port Joint Government Bldg.
Matsugae-machi 7-29, Nagasaki City, 856-0921
Tel: 095-822-5289
Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM (12AM-1PM closed for lunch)

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Tsushima Immigration Office
Izuhara Local Joint Government Bldg.
Higashizato 341-42
Izuhara-machi, Tsushima City
Nagasaki 817-0016
Tel: 0920-52-0432
Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM (12AM-1PM closed for lunch)

What You Need to Bring Edit

  • Your Passport
  • 4,000円 for a single re-entry permit or 6,000円 for a multiple re-entry permit (recommended).
  • Completed application which can be found and downloaded here.
  • Your alien registration card just in case you need help with forms. (You should always carry it anyway).


  • Complete the application at home or at the Immigration Office.
  • Go to the Immigration Office between 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday. (Remember lunch break is from 12 to 1.)
  • Go to the main counter and submit the completed forms.
  • You'll be asked to get a stamp with a monetary value printed on it. These can be purchased on the same floor. Simply take the hallway to the left of the stairs and follow it until the end. There will be a somewhat rundown counter selling snacks and these important stamps. Pay the attendee for the value of the stamp you want and they will give it to you.
  • Attach this stamp to the paperwork and re-submit it with your passport to the Immigration Officer.
  • Wait a few minutes for the paperwork to be processed and you're done! Don't leave without getting your passport back.


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