This is cricket

videoShort intro to cricket (a bit old, but still OK). More.

Quick Cricket Diagram

The scoring areas when hitting the wall (in addition to any other runs scored by physically running)

Quick Cricket is a game of cricket that can be played in one period in a Japanese Junior high school.

  • Two teams, batting in pairs.
  • 8 balls per over
  • One pair of batters bats for 1 over. Repeat a second innings if time permits.
  • Dismissal is minus 5 runs.
  • The same bowler can not bowl in two consecutive overs.
  • Multiple bowlers can be used in one over.
  • No ball or wide will be a 1 run penalty
  • Hitting the walls gives the batsmen a bonus (in addition to any physical runs scored):
    • +1 for hitting the wall
    • +1 for hitting the back wall (the back half of the field)
    • +1 on the full
  • Dismissals:
    • Bowled
    • Caught (can be caught off the wall)
    • Run out (+stumped)
    • LBW

Explaining the rulesEdit

Cool name(s) for this activity:

  • Soft Cricket
  • Rubber Cricket
  • Quick Cricket

Show video of Cricket. They don't have to understand, they just have to get an idea of how cricket is played. First explain that this is called "Soft Cricket" or "Rubber Cricket." This is similar in convention to "Soft Tennis" and "Rubber Baseball" that they should be familiar with. Ie, modified rules for ease and safety.

Relate the rules to baseball so they have a base understanding. Use this for bowling, batting, running and fielding.


(From baseball):

  • Catcher = Wicket keeper
  • Fielders = Fielders
  • Pitcher = Bowler
  • Batter = Batsman
  • Out=Out

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