This is an article archiving the 2007 information from the Outgoing JETs page.

Incoming JETs 2007


Hokkaido PrefectureEdit


Aomori PrefectureEdit

Iwate PrefectureEdit

  • Miyako, ALT, Snardles - I am leaving Miyako Commercial High School. I have really enjoyed my 2 years here - the students and staff have been wonderful. I am one of 3 (out of 4) ALTs leaving Miyako this year, we are all being replaced by new JETs as far as I know. There is also currently an SEA.

Miyagi PrefectureEdit

Akita PrefectureEdit

Yamagata PrefectureEdit

Fukushima PrefectureEdit


Ibaraki PrefectureEdit

Tochigi PrefectureEdit

Gunma PrefectureEdit

  • Tatebayashi, ALT, Afniel - Headin' back to the old U.S. of A. I'll try and write up a good bit of info about the school and the area before I go off and leave the country and forget. ^_~

Saitama PrefectureEdit

Chiba PrefectureEdit

Minami Boso Shi, ALT, oonga - JHS/elementary school ALT. Rural but with easy access to Tokyo; lots of beach. I think there are 5 new people coming in--feel free to contact me for more info!

Togane, ALT, Toganerose - Contact me if you think you are teaching in Togane. STELLALUNA I think you are coming to my town and possibly my school, but I can't seem to send you an email.


Kanagawa PrefectureEdit


Niigata PrefectureEdit

  • Sanjo, ALT, no username given - 2 new ES/JHS positions

Toyama PrefectureEdit

Ishikawa PrefectureEdit

Fukui PrefectureEdit

Yamanashi PrefectureEdit

Hokuto-shi, ALT, Kstar - I work at Hokuto High School. Hokuto is an agriculture, a commercial, and an academic school combined into 1. I'm the only HS JET in Hokuto. Let's swapping information together!

Nagano PrefectureEdit

  • Sakuho, ALT, ritachang - Saku Junior High School, Saku Choo Elementary School, Saku Higashi Elementary School
  • Komoro, ALT, toshmeister - Komoro Senior High School (mid-high level academic school with a music magnet program) & Komoro School of Commerce (low-mid level technical school) & Kita Saku Agricultural School (low-level technical school).
  • Saku, ALT, connie.leeper - Iwamurada Senior High School (mid-high level academic school) & Mochizuki Senior High School (low-level school). Contact me for more info!
  • Iiyama, ALT, Mazzimaz - Iiyama Minami Senior High School (low-level sports school), rural location but only 50 mins by train to Nagano City! Get in touch!
  • Shiojiri, ALT, Tomh_83 - 4 ALT positions: 2 municipal Junior High (Shioijri Seibu JHS & Ryono JHS) & 2 prefectural High School (Shigakukan SHS & Sogo Kyoiku Center)
  • Matsumoto, ALT, Frogsensei - 2 prefectural High School ALT positions: Agatagaoka SHS (high-level academic with an English course, 1 of 2 ALTs) and Arigasaki SHS (high-level academic)
  • Kiso, ALT, Tomh_83 - 3 ALT positions: 2 municipal Junior High (Fukushima SHS & Okuwa JHS - Okuwa is about 25 minutes south of Kiso Fukushima) and 1 prefectural High School (Kiso Seiho SHS, higher-level academic - the school has a new name because the 2 high schools in Kiso have merged and I'm not exactly sure of the name).
  • Hakuba, ALT, Tomh_83 - 1 prefectural High School ALT position: Hakuba SHS (lower-level academic, but you're in the best place in Nagano for Winter - Hakuba has the best ski slopes)
  • Azumino, ALT, Tomh_83 - 1 prefectural High School ALT position: Akashina SHS (lower-level academic)
  • Hata, ALT, Tomh_83 - 2 municipal ALT positions: 1 ES (Hata Elem School) & 1 JHS (Hata JHS). Might be filling these positions with inter-prefectural transfer people rather than 1st year JETs.

Gifu PrefectureEdit

  • Takayama, ALT, Yakaji - 2 SHS positions opening for 2007 intake (Hida Takayama HS Yamada Campus, Hida Takayama HS Okamoto Campus)
  • Nagano City, ALT, Koala- (Username problem) - 1 SHS, High level, english specialist, will work with another ALT hired privately.

Shizuoka PrefectureEdit

Aichi PrefectureEdit

  • Toei, ALT, Russianspy - Municipal, 1 junior high school and 3 elementary schools. Great area if you are a nature lover... but very rural =)
  • Mito-cho, ALT, Littlebell - 1 small Senior high school with high level English course, and academic courses. Teaching experience necessary!!! 18 min bike ride to school.


Mie PrefectureEdit

Shiga PrefectureEdit

Kyoto PrefectureEdit

Osaka PrefectureEdit

Hyogo PrefectureEdit

  • Itami, ALT, Katala - teaching at Itami Nishi SHS, a non-academic high school (feel free to contact me if you'll be anywhere in Itami, Amagasaki, or Nishinomiya)

Nara PrefectureEdit

  • Ikoma, ALT, Chandini - My fiance and I are a couple in Ikoma. We work at Ikoma Senior High and Nishinokyo Senior High.
  • Yamato-Koriyama, ALT, Irena - I am the only municipal JET in Koriyama. I work at JHS, elementaries and kindergartens. I am looking for someone probably coming from Hawaii.

Wakayama PrefectureEdit

  • Koya-Cho, ALT, Koya - Most likely, the ALT position in Koya-Cho, including the town of Koyasan and villages of Fuki and Hanasake, will end with my departure.


Tottori PrefectureEdit

Shimane PrefectureEdit

  • Matsue, ALT, BigDawgKris - I'm one of three ALTs leaving Matsue, but there is some confusion if JETs or some other organization is taking over. Either way, I'm out! Gambatte!

Okayama PrefectureEdit

Hiroshima PrefectureEdit

Yamaguchi PrefectureEdit

  • Shimonoseki, ALT, no username provided! - Shimonoseki BOE, One-shot (Elementary, Junior High, Senior High)


Tokushima PrefectureEdit

Kagawa PrefectureEdit

Ehime PrefectureEdit

Kochi PrefectureEdit

Haruno, ALT, Iheartapes - returning to Sydney Australia mid-July.

Kyushu & OkinawaEdit

Fukuoka PrefectureEdit

Saga PrefectureEdit

Nagasaki PrefectureEdit

Kumamoto PrefectureEdit

Oita PrefectureEdit

  • Hita, ALT, Bobo12345 - 3 new ES/JHS ALTs (1 prefectural, 2 municipal), 2 new SHS ALTs (1 private, 1 public)
  • Hita, ALT, Kuna - Toin SHS (private)

  • Oita, ALT, Ellwood - 1 ALT, Oita minami SHS. lives in Oita City! if you are replacing me get in touch.

Miyazaki PrefectureEdit

Kagoshima PrefectureEdit

Okinawa PrefectureEdit

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