Osakikamijima is a small island located in Hiroshima Prefecture with a population of a little over 8,000 people. The island is in the Seto Insland Sea just South of Takehara. The island has three towns, the biggest being Osaki, and the others are Higashino and Kinoe.


There are hourly ferries from Takehara and Akitsu which take about 30 and 35 minutes, respectively. There are also ferries from Shikoku, Omishima, and maybe more. There are also sea jets (faster but smaller boats).

On the island there is a bus (which is very inconvenient). There are two taxi companies--one in Osaki and one in Higashino.


Currently, there is one JET placed on the island (decreased from 2 and 3 JET's in previous years). The apartment is free and very spacious!


There is a "mountain" on the island, Mt. Kannomine, with 3 main trails to the top and a few look-out towers. There are a few onsen. The Seifukan Onsen has an especially good view and comes free with the purchase of a meal. There are a few good spots for Cherry Blossom viewing. There are two beaches, most notably Okushi beach. There is a Sailing/Ship museum. Also, karaoke!


The JET apartment is in the town of Osaki which also offers a Yours supermarket, a Yamazaki convenience store, a Juntendo store (similar to a Walmart), flowershops, an AU store, a liquor store. As for clothes, it would be better to take the train or bus to Hiroshima, trust me!


Osakikamijima is famous for its umpteen varieties of oranges it produces. (It also produces its own wine.) As far as dining, there is a few ramen shops, Suginoya izakaya, Alfa lunch eatery,


In the town of Osaki, there is Momiji Bank and Kureshin Bank. There is one JP (post office) in Osaki. There are a few small medical facilities and a few dentists. There is one library. There is one hair barber. There are many sports clubs including Kendo, Soccer, Tennis, a driving range (Nakano Golf) and there is also a free gym! There is also a bunch of skateboard ramps, boxes and rails in Mukaiyama.


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<googlemap lat="34.2696327" lon="132.9150861" zoom="12" zoom="13" width="660" height="500" type="map" controls="large"> 34.269633,132.915086 </googlemap>

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