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Omura (大村市 Omura-shi?) is one of the biggest cities in Nagasaki Prefecture with a population breaking 90,000 people. It is the home to the Nagasaki airport, which is the first airport to be built off-shore. It also 5 train stations, Iwamatsu, Omura, Suwa, Takematsu, and Matsubara, with Omura and Takematsu being main stations on the JR Omura Line. Due to it's convenient location between Sasebo and Nagasaki City, and the airport, the city is one of the only cities in the prefecture growing in population.

While it's growing, it still has the small town feel. Locals know the ALTs but won't necessarily "get up in their business." There are plenty of small farms throughout the city, as well as bigger sprawls higher up in the mountains and in the outskirts. Omura has the beautiful bay on one side and lush mountains on the other. You don't have to go far to reach the wilderness, yet there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and some shopping easily accessible.

Omura has 4 high schools: Omura High School (public, high-level), Jonan (public, mid-level), Omura Kogyo (public, technical), Koyo (private, commercial).

Omura has 6 junior high schools (listed by increasing approx. size): Sakuragahara, Kori, Nishi-Omura, Omura, Kushima, Kayaze

Omura has 15 elementary schools (listed by increasing approx. size): Takematsu, Chuo, Nishi-Omura, Hokobaru, Asahigaoka, Tominohara, Omura, Suzuta, Fukushige, Miura, Kayaze, Higashi Omura, Kurogi.

Omura has 3 special education schools: Nijinohara (mental disabilities), Nagasaki Prefectural Deaf School, Omura Yougo (mental disabilities).

As of February 2017, Omura has 3 high school ALTs in high school and 13 in the elementary/junior high school system.

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