What? Edit

The plan is to cycle around 300km in 3 days through the beautiful countryside of Oita Prefecture and raise loads of money for charity in the process.

Who? Edit

Anybody is welcome to take part but primarily the riders and volunteers will be Oita JETs, their friends and teachers. JETs from other prefectures are more than welcome! We're hoping to get about 40-50 people involved. We need riders to raise money and do the cycling and we need volunteers to drive the support vehicles and provide general encouragement.

Where? Edit

The first day begins in Oita City and takes the participants south on Route 10 to Inukai before swinging west onto Route 57 to Taketa City. From here riders will head northwest into the Kuju Highlands and the night's lodging at the Kujuu Sansou Nantou Campground.

The second day begins heading west on Route 442, but quickly turning south onto the Yamanami Highway (Route 11) into Kumamoto Prefecture. Just before descending into the Aso Basin the riders will turn west on Route 45 (aka the Milk Road) overlooking the crater until turning onto Route 212 and swinging north into Oguni. Riders will follow 212 through Oguni, past Tsuetate Onsen, through downtown Hita and finally into the town of Yamakuni for the night.

Lodging in Yamakuni will be at Yasuragi no Gou, an onsen facility with cabins on-site.

On the final day, riders start by heading north, but soon turn southeast onto Route 28, past the Yabakei Dam and into the town of Shinyabakei. Ultimately the riders will run into Route 387 and turn south into the town of Kusu and to Route 210, which they will turn east on and take home to Oita City.

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When? Edit

March 20th, 21st & 22nd (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 2009. March 20th is Vernal Equinox Day, and thus a national holiday.

How? Edit

All riders will need a bike with gears to use for the three days - sorry, but no mama-charis! Unfortunately we cannot provide bikes. Please ask your friends and colleagues if they have one they are prepared to lend you. Each participant will need to pay 15,000 yen. This amount will cover accommodation, breakfast and dinner, drinks and snacks, gas money for volunteers and a snazzy T-shirt.

Why? Edit

We ask riders, (and volunteers, too!), to collect as much sponsorship money as they can from friends, family and co-workers for undertaking this special challenge. There are no minimums or demands, everyone does what they can, and all funds raised will go directly towards 's ongoing school-building project in association with our chosen charity, Room to Read ( We have only US$4,000 left to raise before we have enough to fund the building of a school in , which anyone holidaying in the area will subsequently be able to visit for themselves and see what a difference our fund-raising efforts are making in this poor, beautiful country.

Aside from the charitable aspect, it's also great fun! It's a perfect opportunity to get out of your local town and see some more of our beautiful prefecture, while meeting new people and making friends at the same time, not to mention a great challenge to your strength and endurance! It's consistently described as one of the most memorable JET events that you can take part in by past participants.

Great! Sign me up! Edit

If you’d like to take part please send an e-mail to at with your name, phone number, e-mail address, Japanese T-shirt size and where you’re based in Japan. Space is limited, so reserve your spot early. Confirmations are due by March 1st at the latest. This year we are looking to top 50 riders.

For those from Outside Oita Edit

Oita is located in the north eastern corner of Kyushu. It has an airport located about 45 minutes by bus from Oita City. It is also accessible from Fukuoka by the limited-express train (about 2 hours) and various ferries including an overnight Osaka route. The most famous tourist spot in the prefecture is Beppu (the land of onsen), if you are interested in additional sightseeing opportunities.

Moving your bike around Edit

This website shows how to pack a bike to take it on a train. In my experience taking it on the train isn’t that difficult. I detach the wheels and affix them to frame with Velcro that I got from the 100 yen store; it’s really fast and easy. If you don’t attach them to the frame, you will learn how to swear like a dock worker when you have to navigate it around obstacles you couldn’t have possibly foreseen.

Officially you need to have a "rinko bag" that is approved by the transport authority for your bike, Ive gotten away without even bagging my bike here in Oita. But be warned, if you don't have one, you may get burned badly at the gate

Asking for money by giving a speech Edit

Here is a speech for your morning meeting to ask for money. You should read it and then post the flyer in Japanese on the bulletin board

おはようございます。先生方にお願いがあります。3月20日から22日まで「国際チャリティーサイクリング」です。途上国で学校を建てる「Room to Read」と言うチャリティのためです。大分県のきれいな景色を見ながら、自転車で三日間300キロ走ります。一昨年は「国際チャリティーサイクリング」の寄付でラオスに学校が建てられました。今回、新しい学校が建ちます。3日間で300キロ乗りますが、サポートチームがいるので、初心者でも参加できます。2泊3日のたびは15,000円です。食料や宿泊、ユニークなT-シャツもふくまれています。 先生方、興味がありましたら、参加しませんか。最後にご寄付をいただけると、ありがたいです。お願いします。

おはようございます。せんせいがたに おねがいがあります。3がつ  はつかから  にじゅうににちまで 「こくさい チャリティーサイクリング」です。とじょうこく で  がっこうを  たてる「Room to Read」という チャリティ  のためです。  おおいたけん の きれいな  けしきを  みながら、じてんしゃで   みかっかかん   300 キロ  はしります。  いっさくねんは 「こくさい   チャリティーサイクリング」の きふで   ラオスに  がっこうが   たてられました。  こんかい、 あたらしい   がっこうが  たちます。 3かかん で  300キロ  のりますが、サポートチームが   いるので、 しょしんしゃでも  さんかできます 。 2はく3か の  たびは  15,000 えんです。  しょくりょうや  しゅくはく、 ユニークな T-シャツもふくまれています。  せんせいがた、  きょうみが ありましたら、  さんか しませんか。  さいごに   ごきふを  いただけると、 ありがたいです。  おねがいします。

Ohio gozaimas sensei gatani onegaiga armas san gatsu hatsuka kara nijuni nichi made kokusai chariti saikuringu des. Tojokokude gakko o tateru “room to read” toiu chariti no tame des. oita ken no kirei na keshiki o minagara, jitensha de mikkakan de sanbiyaku kiro norimas ga, sapport chimu ga irunode, shoshinshademo sanka dekimas . nihaku mikka no tabi wa ichi man gosen en des . shokuryou ya shukuhaku, yuni-ku na t- shatsu mo fukumarete imas. Sensei gata, kyomi ga arimashitara , sanka shimasenka. Saigoni gokifuwo itadakeruto, arigatai des. onegaishimas

These speeches are meant for teachers inside Oita. If you want to use it in another prefecture, have someone modify it a bit.

Ok, this final part is in romaji, and though I really really hate it, it will really impress your teachers if you can’t otherwise read Japanese. I have changed the romaji quite a bit to make it more phonetic, though its not entirely consistent or perfect. I still remember with shame my first speech in Japanese, and how I wish someone would have given me phonetic Japanese instead.

大分国際チャリティサイクリング2009年 =Edit

チャリティサイクリングって何? Edit


だれがするの? Edit


どこでするの? Edit


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どのようにするの? Edit


どうして? Edit

私たちはRoom to Readlinkに献金します。献金されたお金は東南アジアで学校を建てたり、図書館を作ったりする費用にあてられます。このイヴェントに参加することで、美しい大分県の田舎の雰囲気を味わい、新しい出会いもあり、とても楽しい経験をすることができます。私たち外国人英語教師が企画するイヴェントの中でも心に残る思い出を作ってくれるものの一つだと信じています。

すばらしいね! 参加したい! Edit

参加希望の方は名前、住所、電話番号、Tシャツのサイス、メールアドレスをRyan Patalita(にメールして下さい。しめ切りは3月1日です。

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