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Nagayo (長与町 Nagayo-cho?) is a small town located in south-central Nagasaki Prefecture with a population of about 45,000 people. It is a northern suburb of Nagasaki City. It's name was supposedly given to it by a visiting samurai. As the village is situated in a valley, the sun seems to rise late and set early making for a long (nagai) night (yoru).


Getting inEdit

To/from the airportEdit

  • A boat service from Nagasaki Airport to Nagayo is offered on a frequent basis (~800 yen, 30 minutes)
  • JR from Omura (大村) to Nagayo (~630 yen, ~45 minutes) plus bus/taxi to/from station
  • Car - Highway -> Nagasaki Bypass -> Togitsu (時津) -> whichever exit is convenient (800~1040 yen, 30 minutes)

By trainEdit

Nagayo station offers service to Nagasaki, Isahaya, and beyond.

By busEdit

Multiple bus routes are available from Nagasaki city:

  • 長与ニュータウン
  • 女の都
  • 満永

By carEdit

From Isahaya, take Route 34 south, onto Route 207 and straight to Nagayo (scenic) or divert from Route 207 at Tarami(多良見) to Route 33 (slightly faster through mountains).

From downtown Nagasaki city, goto Suwa Jinja-Mae(諏訪神社前), then onto Route 235 (Nishiyama Doori[西山通り]), then Nagasaki Bypass towards Togitsu(時津).

Getting aroundEdit

Downtown Nagayo is relatively flat, but elsewhere suddenly becomes mountainous. Bicycles have somewhat limited viability. Many places are within a 15 minute walk.


JET placementsEdit

Incoming/Outgoing JETsEdit

Foreign communityEdit


Places to visitEdit

Siebold University hosts various events including: student concerts, SUN Fest, sports, and special seminars. The school has roughly 2,000 students, and focuses on Nursing & Nutrition, Information Media, and International Exchange. Their study abroad programs usually means the presence of a handfull of students from China, Korea, USA, and occasionally others.



  • Cafe de Gino (カフェ・ド・ジーノ), まなび野2-1-4, (Exiting Nagayo Station, cross the street and head straight away from the station going up the mountain (the road perpendicular to the train tracks). After passing MaxValue, you will come to a 'T' intersection with a mural, take the right fork. When you get to another 'T' intersection, in front of Siebold University of Nagasaki, take a right. The cafe is in a small cluster of various shops, directly across from Siebold's gymnasium.), Tel: 095-887-4704, [1]. 11am-8pm(LO 7:30). A small cafe with wonderful atmosphere and sensible prices. Drinks, deserts, snacks and entrees.

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