Morotsuka is a small village located in the center of Miyazaki Prefecture with a population of about 2,000 people. It is one of the last remaining villages in Miyazaki Prefecture. With the small village population, it is a close-knit community. Nestled in the green hills of Kyushu, it has many rivers that run through it.


You can travel by bus, taxi, or by car in Morotsuka. A bike is also possible, but the village is rather spread out so you may get tired quickly. Be careful if you are riding in the passenger seat of a car, however, if you are prone to car sickness... the roads are quite windy!


There is only one JET working here as an ALT, however around the year 2000 there was a CIR working in the village. Now the ALT here works at one junior high school and three elementary schools, with three different eikaiwa classes on the side (adult, junior high, elementary) The junior high school is named Morotsuka-cho, and the three elementary schools that serve the village are Aratani-sho, Morotsuka-sho, and Nantasuyama-sho.


There is no denying that Morotsuka is a beautiful place to live. Green trees in the summer, brilliant colors in the autumn, and sakura in the spring. As a tightly-knit community, there are many community events and festivals to partake in. You can find many places to relax and enjoy nature, and the shrines hidden among the hills are a rare sight.


There are four restaurants here. Other than that, shopping is sparse, and you won't find muc more than a few places to eat, grab groceries, or buy gas. If you want other options, then Hyuga is the closest place to go.


Usagi-ya is an izakaya (Japanese pub and restaurant) with a private karaoke room. Donco Shiitake House is a very nice place to go if you are also interested in some of the history of Morotsuka (as it is located in a village center). Souko is a restaurant owned by a woman who speaks great English, so a perfect place to go when feeling a bit homesick! Morotsuka is known for its shiitake mushrooms, but you can also find wild boar and even boiled bees!


There is a hospital as well as a few barber shops, a convinence store, vegetable store, and grocery store. Morotsuka also has a very small electronics store and stationery store.

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