南富良野町 (Minamifurano Cho) is a small town located in the center of Hokkaido Prefecture with a population of about 2,900 people. It lies to the south of Furano City and north of Shimukappu (Tomamu ski resort is located there).


There is a local town bus.

There is also a local train that stops in 5 of six areas of the town (North to south): Shimokanayama, Kanayama, Higashikoe, Ikutora (the biggest area) and Ochiai, before continuing out of town. To the north - Furano and Asahikawa, to the south - Shintoku


This town has 7 schools: 5 elementary (biggest has 100 students, smallest 3), 1 junior high and a high school.


Lake Kanayama


Two small grocery stores, Seico mart, a general store, and a hand full of various restaurants


The town is known for it's Deer Curry.

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