Kyushu Charity Hitchhike
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The RulesEdit

  1. Each team can start and finish wherever they like in Kyushu.
  2. Every team must set foot in all seven prefectures – Oita, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and Fukuoka - in ANY order.
  3. Every team must not cross more than one prefectural border in any one car, UNLESS you have already made it to that prefecture and are passing through to get to the next destination.
  4. Teams must only cross prefectural borders in a hitched car – whilst hitching in cities is encouraged, (for both the spirit of the thing, and the sake of your wallets), public transport can be used in city centres as a last resort.
  5. I have selected 21 challenges to choose from – 3 in each of the 7 prefectures. Points for completing these challenges are cumulative: if you complete all three challenges in a ken, for example, you will amass 50+75+100, or 225points.
  6. The winner will be the team that scores the most points according to the scoring system below.
  7. If I get time and can be bothered, prizes will be awarded to the team who amasses the most points, (on an honours system), and also to the team which raises the most sponsor money. Details will be posted to all participants once all information has been gathered and tabulated.

The Scoring SystemEdit

  • For each 1st challenge achieved – 50 points
  • For each 2nd challenge achieved – 75 points
  • For each 3rd challenge achieved – 100 points
  • For having bought the SAME ITEM in the SAME CONVENIENCE STORE in each of the seven ken - 50 points
  • For every ride - 10 points
  • For every business card received – 10 points
  • For being bought a meal by a driver - 25 points
  • For staying at a driver’s house – 50 points
  • For making out with a driver - 100 points. (Phone number required as proof!)
  • For each ride in a police car/ambulance/fire engine – 50 points
  • For best team name, (as voted by my friends) - 25 points
  • For taking the funniest picture, (ditto) – 30 points.
  • For setting foot in all 7ken - 100 POINTS!!

Bonus eat-(and drink)-a-thon pointsEdit

For each of the following local specialities which you consume, award yourself 25 points: no descriptions supplied, either do some research or just be adventurous!!

  • Oita - Tori-ten
  • Fukuoka - Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Kumamoto - Basashi
  • Kagoshima - Imojouchuu, (or Shirokuma Kakigori, if you dont drink)
  • Saga - Ika somen
  • Nagasaki – Nagasaki Champon
  • Miyazaki - Jidouri Hiyajiru