Kyushu Charity Hitchhike
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Hitch Vocab (Everything You'll Need to Write or Say... sort of)Edit

Making a signEdit


Sumimasen. Danbo-ru wa arimasu ka?

Excuse me, do you have any cardboard?


Kanban o tsukuritai desu.

I want to make a sign.

Writing the signEdit


____________no houmen

Direction of ______

Getting hitchedEdit


Watashi no mokutekichi wa ________kedo tochuu de oroshite morattemo daijyoubu desu.

My final destination is___________but if you can get me part of the way there that would be fine.

Getting in the carEdit


ojama shimasu

Literally: I am in the way/I am an obstacle.



nomimono demo kaou ka?

Can I buy you a drink or something?


hi-tchihaiku de ________ni ikitai

I want to hitchhike to ____________


Ichiban chikaku no ______ wa doko desu ka?

Where is the nearest ________________

高速道路(の入口)      コンビニ       キャンプ所

kousokudouro (no iriguchi) conbini kyanpujo

(Entrance to) the expressway convenience store camp site


Aruite nan pun gurai kakarimasu ka

How long does it take by foot?

Getting out of the carEdit


osewa ni narimashita

You have done me a great favour.

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