Kunimi Town (国見町) is the most northern town in Fukushima Prefecture. It has a population of approximately 10,000 people or so they say. It's in between Fukushima City and Shiroishi City and is about an hour away from both Sendai City and Koriyama City.


Fujita Station 藤田駅 and Kaida Station 貝田駅 serve Kunimi. Fujita is the bigger, and more central station. Trains are regular, going to both Sendai and Fukushima once an hour. If you live here buy a car.


1 junior high school of around 300 students, 4 elementary schools of varying sizes. Biggest 350 odd students, smallest 50 odd students.


Yoshitsune Matsuri, Kunimi's very own samurai parade, is held on the Autumn Equinox of every year. Mildly interesting to watch and take part in, but doesn't really have the size of the Wakamatsu version.


A couple of super markets, Komeri, Hashi Drug, and a couple of conbinis are available. The rest of your shopping will be done in Shiroishi or Fukushima (both around a 20-30 minute drive).


One Chinese restaurant (average), a couple of ramen shops (decent), and a Japanese curry/tenpura shop (average) serve this small town.


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