Kumihama (久美浜)Edit

Kumihama is a town of approximately 12,000 people. The geographic area covers about 145 km2. As of April 1, 2004, Kumihama has merged with other towns to form Kyotango City. This is the most northwest location of Kyōtango and Kyoto Prefecture in general. It's very inaka and feels isolated at times, but with a car it's very easy to reach Toyooka in Hyogo Prefecture within a few minutes, and Mineyama/Omiya in about 30-35 minutes.


Getting In/OutEdit

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car

Getting AroundEdit

A car is essential. Getting around Kumihama requires a car because it's so spread out, and most of the roads are too winding and narrow to bike safely. Your car is your best friend, and will get you to places faster, more efficiently, and cheaper than the train.


Kumihama has 1 senior high school, 2 junior high schools, and 7 elementary schools. One of the Prefectural AETs covers Kumihama Senior High school. Due to scheduling issues, the Omiya AET covers one of the elementary schools. That leaves the rest up to the designated Kumihama AET, who is responsible for teaching at 8 schools total.

Local BusinessesEdit

Grocery StoresEdit

  • Nishigaki: The Tango area has these all over the place. Kumihama has smaller locations, both which are within walking distance of the two junior high schools. There is a nicer, larger one in Toyooka that is south of the train station. It's worth the drive. The prices aren't outrageous, but they aren't a bargain either.
  • A-COOP: Another chain store in the downtown part of Kumihama. Prices are comparable to Nishigaki.
  • FRESH MARKET: Just over the border into Hyogo Prefecture, this is a large grocery store with lower prices and more selection.

Convenience StoresEdit

There are LAWSON STATION locations throughout the area. One is located near Kumihama Junior High School on 178. The other is also on 178, closer to Toyooka. These Lawsons seem a little smaller, but they have all the basics and allow options for paying bills and everything else you could need.




  • There are small family owned shops, hair salons, etc. located in downtown Kumihama.
  • There is a fitness gym close to Kumihama Station.

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