An overview of the JET year 2011-2012.
Date Event
April 13 April Arrivals
April 14 & 15 Orientation for April starters
April 21 & 22 Seminar for Contracting Organisations
Late May The first CLAIR/AJET Opinion Exchange Meeting
Mid June The first training seminar for Prefectural Advisers
July 24 Group A arrivals
July 25-27 Group A orientation
July 31 Group B arrivals
August 1-3 Group B orientation
August 24 Group C arrivals
August 25 & 26 Group C orientation
Early September or late January ALT mid-year Prefectural seminars
Mid October The second training seminar for Prefectural Advisers
Early November CLAIR Japanese Language Course begins
Late November CIR/SEA mid-year seminars
Mid December Translation/Interpretation course training seminar
Mid December The second CLAIR/AJET opinion exchange meeting
Mid January Linguistics/Pedagogy course training seminar
Early February JET Programme opinion exchange meeting (CIR)
Late February Conference for returning JETs.


  • Information taken from the 2011-2012 JET Diary (provided by CLAIR)

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