Iwate (岩手町 Iwate-machi?) is a town located in Iwate Prefecture. As of 2003, the town had an estimated population of 18,264.

Built at the source of the Kitakami river (北上川), the town was founded in 1960. It is made up of four areas, the largest of which is Numakunai (沼宮内). Found on Route 4, the main highway of northern Japan, Iwate machi is famous for its blueberry production. A local farmers' market square produces blueberry ice cream, and is a wonderful place to laze away a summer's day.

The town is also home to the internationally renowned stone sculpture museum. Since 1973, there has been an annual stone sculpture contest, with the winner being added to the display outside the town hall. The sports center's AstroTurf pitch, laid in 1993, was the first in the prefecture. The success of the town's hockey club dates back to 1970, and since then both the town and high school have a constantly strong team. The high school always places highly in the all-Japan inter-high championships.


It has a station on the bullet train track that goes direct to Tokyo and that can get you to Morioka (the nearest major city) in less than 15 minutes. There is also a cheaper local railway that takes about 25 minutes to Morioka.

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