Iwamizawa is a small city in Hokkaido Prefecture with a population of about 90,969 people. Iwamizawa is 40km northeast of Sapporo.  It is the capital of the Sorachi Subprefecture.  Iwamizawa is known throughout Hokkkaido for its snowfall as most years it recieves a substantial amount of more snow than Sapporo.


Iwamizawa station is a major station on the Hakodate main line between Asahikawa and Sapporo.  Both express and local trains stop at the station with the journey time to Sapporo standing at only 24 minutes on the Super Kamui express train.

As well as the main station, there are 4 smaller local train stations spread out in the smaller villages and towns that have been merged with Iwamizawa in recent years.

The Doo Expressway has an entrance in Iwamizawa.


There are currently 12 JET placements in Iwamizawa.  1 CIR, 2 Prefectural high school ALT's, 1 municipal high school ALT, and 8 ALT's in who work in the Junior High and Elementary schools.

Iwamizawa is also a hub for other ALT's who live in the surrounding small towns and villages.


Iwamizawa has two small ski hills that both have night skiing.  One of the ski hills also has a small amusement park that is open in the summer.

(Hokkaido Greenland)

(Haginoyama Shimin)


food and vitals? where? book shops and the like?


What culinary delights does this area have to offer? How wide a selection of restaurants are there? Is the town known for any food in particular?


In this section write about any other services. Maybe banks, post offices, medical, libraries, hair dresser, sports, travel agencies. Maybe places you found helpful like English schools

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