International Sumo Taikai! (A.K.A. Gaikokujin Sumo)

Come one come all to the Third Annual International Sumo Taikai, to raise money for the Akita JET official charity - Everest of Apples!

Over the last 2 years this event received a lot of media attention including write-ups in the Daily Yomiuri, Akita Sakigake and TV spots on NHK and ABS.

This year the event will be inside at the beautiful, new Akita Budo-kan in Akita City. Rain or shine the event will go on!

For those of you in Akita, information will be sent to your BOEs so make sure to invite your teachers and students.

If you would like to be an official Sumo Rikishi-wrestler please contact Seth at by June 22nd, 2007 to officially register.

Japanese, JETs from other prefectures and non-JETs are welcome and encouraged to join us! The only rule is that you have to be male. Sorry ladies...but of course you are still invited and welcome to root for your favorite guy! If you are coming from outside of Akita and would like a place to stay we can arrange that also.

Directions to the venue, pictures from previous years, and additional information will be posted on the new Everest of Apples website within the week.

Please check out

For more information, please contact Lauren at


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