Things you can do before you comeEdit

Browse our teaching articles and work on your self introduction lesson. Although you will need to make many of your own, you will find some useful flashcards to help you.

Get acquainted with Japan. Get to know your local area through WikiJET's local knowledge articles. For the places where information is sparse you may have to just learn from experience (and contribute back for the next generation of course).

Have a look at the External links to find more websites to help you.

What to pack for JapanEdit

Check what your baggage allowance is. From Australia and New Zealand, it is around 23kg. Usually you can getaways with a few kg over as long as you are nice to the person checking you in. But this can vary (if they are having a bad day for example). If you are over weight by an excessive amount, you can attempt to store the heaviest items in your carry-on luggage. Note, that they can refuse this too. Before attempting to board with overweight luggage, think about what you will do if you are told to dump some luggage. Maybe you have some family dropping you off, in which case you can give it to them. Otherwise think about what you can afford to throw away.


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