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Iki (壱岐市 Iki-shi?) With breath-taking scenery of lush green mountains and pristine beaches, delicious seafood, and warm-hearted locals Iki is the place to be. Iki Island is located off the northern shore of Kyushu. It is part of Nagasaki prefecture. Iki is divided into 4 main towns: Gounoura, Ishida, Ashibe, and Katsumoto.


Getting inEdit

3 to 5 ferries run daily but schedules change frequently so confirm the times.

    • Cost: A little over 5.000 yen roundtrip.
    • Time: Takes about 2.5 hours.

To/from the airportEdit

By trainEdit

By busEdit

  • There are buses that run to most parts of the island but they do not run very frequently so check the schedule.

By carEdit

  • Taxis is another option for transportation

Getting aroundEdit


JET placementsEdit

Incoming/Outgoing JETsEdit

Foreign communityEdit


Monkey Rock (Saruiwa)

  • A giant rock which resembles a monkey which was naturally created by a combination of sea water and wind. Located in Gounoura.

Ogre’s Footprint (Ohni no ashiato)

  • A bridge created by a rock surrounds a large hole believed to be the footprint of the Ogre which once inhabited Iki. Located in Gounoura.

Dolphin Park (Iruka Park)

  • 2 types of dolphins can be found at the park and visitors can help feed them at certain feeding times. Located in Katsumoto.


  • Ancient ruins from the Yayoi Era about 3,000 to 1,700 years ago. A replica of the housing styles from that era is also on display. Located in Ashibe.

Places to visitEdit

Shrines/ Temples

  • There are over 50 beautiful shrines and temples. Probably the one that draws most attention is the Fertility Shrine which has a 6 foot statue of a penis. Located in Gounuora.

Beaches (hama)

  • There are 6 or 7 beautiful beaches all around the island including Tsutsuki-hama which was named in the top 100 beautiful beaches of Japan. During the peak summer season, you can participate in various marines sports and activities.

Yunomoto (Onsen town)

  • Yunomoto is an entire town of onsens (hot springs). Located in the northern portion of Gounoura.


Yamagasa Festival

  • During July Iki has its main annual Matsuri.

Fireworks Festival

  • During August there is a big fireworks show in Katsumoto.



  • Daiei, large supermarket downstairs
  • Shop name here, Description here

Department storesEdit

  • Daiei, There is one department store located on Iki. Daiei has a selection of clothing, electronics, school supplies, shoes
  • Shop Name, Description here.

Home & Garden storesEdit

  • Shop name here, Description here

Book shopsEdit

  • Shop name here, Description here


  • Asaichi, A morning market in Katsumoto every Sunday morning until 10 a.m. The locals sell fresh produce, vegetables, and fish.
  • Uni House, Sells a wide selection of Iki products/gifts (omiyage).
  • Shop name here, Description here



  • The sashimi (raw fish) on Iki is incredible and fresh.

Sea urchin (Uni)

  • One of Iki’s specialties is sea urchin. Sea urchin is in season from about April to October.

Iki beef

  • Iki beef is very delicious and great for summer BBQ’s.

Mugi Shouchu (Wheat liquor)

  • Mugi Shouchu originated on Iki. You may go to the Shouchu factories for a free tasting.

Fast foodEdit

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Japanese foodEdit

Foreign foodEdit



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Post officesEdit

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Medical facilitiesEdit

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  • Service name here, Description here

Hair dressersEdit

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Sports facilitiesEdit

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Travel agentsEdit

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