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Hitachinaka, Ibaraki (茨城県ひたちなか市)is located to the north east of Mito and lies on the Ibaraki Coast. Hitachinaka is famous for dried potatoes and also being the residence of the Ibaraki AJET President Max Homerding. Also Hitachinka is home to several major concerts including "Rock in Japan" and "Big Wave" reggae fest.

Checking the current edition of the Lonely Planet Japan, one will also see that Hitachinaka has an unstable nuclear reactor power plant on its border. Many an ALT have harrowing experiences avoiding nuclear radiation and tanukis. Futhermore, Hitachinaka boasts a gaijin bar called the "Drunken Duck" where one will find a friendly staff, burritos, and beer.

to be continued in between class.....

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