This page contains some :stick: that you can use in your English activities. For example, when playing a game of Bingo, you can have a challenge for the person/people with no Bingos. These challenges encourage participation and add fun. Be warned that these will not work with every class.


  • Hold your breath for 15 seconds.
  • Sing the "Ponyo" song.
  • Meow like a cat.
  • Dance around the class room.
  • Swim around the classroom.
  • Count to ten backwards.
  • Three sentence self-introduction.
  • Draw teacher/ALT on blackboard.
  • Tell everyone in the class you love them.
  • Answer 3 questions in English.
  • Dance like Michael Jackson
  • Say '(insert tongue-twister here)' three time.
  • Do an impression of the Homeroom teacher.
  • Wear a fake mustache.

Halloween themedEdit

  • Act like a ghost.
  • Laugh like a witch.
  • Walk like a zombi.


The initial contents of this page was taken from the deep recesses of my predecessor's desk.

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