Azuma Hanawa Station

Azuma is a town in Midori, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. As of the 2003 census, the town has a population of approximately 3000 people.

Azuma is located in the rural area of Midori, in the Watarase River Valley. The valley is known for its beautiful scenery. Lake Kusaki and the Kusaki Dam (on the Watarase River) are located in Azuma.



Kusaki Dam

The town can be reached by the Watarase Keikoku Railway from either Midori or Kiryu. Stops in Azuma include Hanama, Konaka, Nakano, Godo, and Souri. Midori city buses also offer services to various location in Azuma. The Togoku Culture and History Highway (Route 122) runs the length of the city.


Azuma schools include:

  • Azuma Elementary School
  • Azuma Junior High School.

Azuma hosts one of the three JET Programme ALTs placed in Midori City.


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