Akasaka (赤坂町 Akasaka-chō?) is a small town located in the center of Okayama Prefecture with a population of about 5000 people. There isn't much else to say. It's part of the bigger Akaiwa city.


Only buses.

Getting inEdit

Bus, taxi or your own car.

To/from the airportEdit

Okayama has its own airport. There is a bus from Okayama station every half hour or so. It takes about 40 minutes to travel to the airport.

By busEdit

Buses are reliable and average about 2 an hour. Last bus home is 8:40pm.

By carEdit

Road 27 is the road that runs through this town.

Getting aroundEdit

You will be supplied with a bike which can get you around town and over to Sanyo, a slightly larger town a 20 minute ride down the road.


JET placementsEdit

Base school is a JHS - 4 days a week, about 17 or 18 classes there. There are about 150 students. 3 Elementary schools are visited on a rotational basis.

Incoming/Outgoing JETsEdit

This is the only JET placement. You will be the only foreigner in town!

Foreign communityEdit

Most likely you'll want to get away to the big city. But the JETs in Sanyo and private dispatch ALTs are nice people too so you can meet up with them during the week.


Not in Akasaka.

Places to visitEdit

The German Forest is pretty nice.


There's only one, late in September or early October on a peaceful Sunday morning you will be woken up by this festival so don't worry about the dates or missing it.


There are no real places to do "shopping", just a couple of supermarkets and a couple of conbinis.


  • HappyMart, You'll do most of your shopping here.

Department storesEdit

  • Shop name here, Description here

Home & Garden storesEdit

  • I don't remember the name, only been to it once., Pretty small.

Book shopsEdit

  • Shop name here, Description here


  • 7-11, Thar be beer and snacks here.


Check out the sushi train and udon place near your house. The sushi place is run by a guy that lived in the states for 9 months and is really friendly and cool. The sushi is pretty good too.

Fast foodEdit

  • Restaurant name here, Description here

Japanese foodEdit

  • Restaurant name here, Description here

Foreign foodEdit

  • Restaurant name here, Description here



  • Bar name here, Description here


  • Bar name here, Description here



  • Chugoku Ginko, You'll open an account with these nice people.

Post officesEdit

  • The PO, There's only one opposite the bank.

Medical facilitiesEdit

  • Dentist., He's a nice guy.


  • Community Library, I've been once to read for some Tots.

Hair dressersEdit

  • Barber, Never been.

Sports facilitiesEdit

  • Service name here, Description here

Travel agentsEdit

  • Service name here, Description here


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