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  • I have used this phone for 2 years.
  • I have lived in Japan for 2 years. (false – 1 year)
  • I have studied Japanese for 3 years (true)
  • I have had this keychain for 1 year (true)
  • Ichiro has lived in America for 9 years (false – 11 years)
  • Ichiro has played with the Seattle Mariners for 12 years (false – 11 year)
  • Matsui has played for the Oakland Athletics for 2 years (false – 1 year)
  • Studio Ghibli have made films for 20 years (false – 26 years)
  • Hayao Miyazaki has made films for Studio Ghibli for 26 years (true)
  • AKB48 has sung in Akihabara for 6 years (true)
  • Mariko Shinoda has been a member of AKB48 for 6 years (false – 5 years)
  • Keisuke Honda has played for Japan for 5 years (false – 3 years)
  • All of Japan have saved electricity since March 11 (true)
  • The Japan soccer team have not lost a game since the World cup, 2010 (true - as of May 2011)
  • The Japan soccer team have been the Asian cup champions since January 2011 (true)
  • Akihito has been the emperor of Japan since 1986 (false – 1989)
  • Empress Michiko has been the Empress of Japan since 1959 (false – 1989 – she was married in 1959, but became empress in 1989)
  • Toyota have made cars since 1933 (true)
  • Sumo wrestlers have played (wrestled) in Ryogoku Kokugiken since 1975 (false – 1985)
  • Tokyo has been the capital of Japan since 1858 (false – 1868)
  • Before (Kyoto Sensei) came to this school, he taught as an English teacher (true)

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